RankNamePts.Team Name 
1Bob Gallup152.5Killer B's
1Ben Fernandez152.5Killer B's
3BJ Hollowell103The Corn Identity
3Andrew Blaine103The Corn Identity
5Doug Rippy81.5*Evil Kornevil
6Samantha Copeland73.5Nothing but Hole
7Joey LeRoy69.5Hot Sacks
8Charles Boley35.5CC Holers
9Joe Ross31.5HoleSome Saxxx
10Ryan Darling31Kiss my Bag
Robby Green31Ashtown Baggers
Len Hiatt31Ashtown Baggers
Sean Keeton31Kiss my Bag
Franklin Gauntz31Hot Sacks
15John Howard30JB O'Brien's
16Layne McNeely24Cornhole Sanders
Mike McNeely24Cornhole Sanders
18Jamie Walker21.75PBR Me
19Mindy McNeely21.5Penguins
Chris Boley21.5CC Holers
Nick McNeely21.5Penguins
22Greg Humpert17HoleSome Saxxx
23Gary DeBarnadi14.75Bags Deep
Steve Smith14.75Bags Deep
25John Kahring14.5Shipwrecked
Joseph O'Neil14.5Shipwrecked
Jill Scrivner14.5Pabst Pounders
28Teri Stret13Amateur Corn Stars
Micky Annen13Amateur Corn Stars
30Josh Annen11Double J
John Etchart11Double J
32Brent Furby8HoleSome Saxx
Ryan Moncrief8HoleSome Saxx
34Shawna Walker7.75PBR Me
35Chad Hamlett72 Guys 1 Hole
36Jason Restad5Off Constantly
Scott Myers5Off Constantly
Dan Harvey5Outlaw Country

How are the points awarded?

Tournament Entry:
5 pts.- Every member gets 5 points for a tournament entry.

Points Per Win:
7 pts.- Advanced Win
(excludes “byes” or any win by default)

Points for Placing Top 8 in Experienced Tournament:
Champions = 1 point for every team in tournament
2nd-4th place = 1/2 point for every team in tournament
5th-8th place = 1/4 point for every team in tournament

If your team reaches the quarterfinals you will receive a 1/4 point for each team in the tournament. Example; if there are 24 teams in the tournament you would receive 6 additional points. 24 x 1/4 = 6.
If your team reaches the semi-finals or the championship game, you receive a 1/2 point for every team. 24 x 1/2 = 12.
Tournament champions receive 1 point for every team in the tournament.

Determining Tie-Breakers:
In the event that 2 or more players are tied the following will dictate the tie-breaker:
1) Wins
2) Win % (Wins/Tourney Entries)
3) Head-to-Head Matchup (if available)
4) Coin flip
Player with the most Tourney Entries calls it in the air