Tournament Champions can receive:

– Paid; Team Entry into National Championship Tournament & 2 Night stay at Chinook Winds Casino & a seat at the Champions Dinner
– $1,500 (up to) for Members Only**
– $100+ in Gift Certificate’s
– Additional Prizes & Giveaways

Tournament Details:

– 4 Game Guarantee;
3 game Round Robin tournament for seeding,
Single Elimination Tournament for points and payouts
– 2 Seperate Tournaments of Skill
Experienced Tournament & Amateur Tournament
*Teams are not allowed to play in both tournaments during same day
– Team format; (2) Males, (2) Females or Co-ed
– Games approx. 20-30 min. ea. game
– All participants must be 21+ (unless otherwise noted)
– No Skunk or Mercy Rule games
– 1 Day Tournaments

Tournaments will be played RAIN or SHINE.


– Each Game shall be no longer than 30 minutes long.
(NCL employee may halt game at any time after 30 minutes and declare a winner by using current score)
– Each Player has 20 seconds to throw their bag at the board.
– Teams alternate tossing bags at the board.
– Each Inning will consist of two half-innings
(Start of Game) Blue Team will throw first to begin game.
(Top of the Inning) 1 Player from each team will alternate throwing their team’s cornhole bags, after all (8) bags are thrown and properly scored the other player’s will alternate throwing in the bottom of the inning.
– After the game has started, the team that is leading will throw first to start the half inning.
– Each Team is allowed (1) Timeout during game for “Emergencies”. This stoppage of play may not exceed 2 minutes. Any timeout lasting longer than 2 minutes may result in a forfeit.
– Players are encouraged not to use their cellphones during game,
especially if it is affecting the speed of the game or their competitor.


– Games are played to 21.
– Players are awarded 3 points for their team when bag is tossed into the “hole”.
– Players are awarded 1 point for their team when bag rests on board after all bags after conclusion of inning.
– A tossed bag may never touch or hit the ground and be eligible for a point.
– Teams are not required to win by 2.
– The Team that reaches or exceeds 21 & has the Highest Score at the end of the half inning will be named the winner. There are no skunk or mercy-rule games.
– Upon completion of game, both teams must report score to NCL.
– Teams are required to maintain honesty, and sportsmanship at all times; especially as it relates to scoring.
– Any questions, protests or judgment calls will be made by NCL staff.


Fouls may include;
– A player that clearly crosses the “line” in an effort to shorten the distance of the toss. (3 pt. deduction, player loses turn)
– A player throws a bag overhand. (3 pt. deduction, player loses turn)
– A player that physically disrupts an opponent’s toss. (3 pt. deduction, Opponent is allowed to re-throw)
– A player who physically touches a bag on the game board while the inning is being played. Bag to be scored using previous location. (1 pt. deduction)

– There are (4) Bags to a team/player.
– Each bag is roughly 6″ x 6″ and weighs approximately 15 oz.
– The Cornhole Board is 2′ W x 4′ L and the front of the board is 27′ from the line from which player’s must toss behind.

Disqualification and/or Ejection:
The National Cornhole League or NCL will not entertain anyone who is continuously disruptive, harmful to others, and/or may not promote sportsmanship. Any NCL staff member, at any time, may eject or disqualify a player or team from the tournament based on the aspects listed above or based on the judgment of the NCL staff member. Disqualified or ejected players may gladly express their case by contacting us privately. Any disqualification, ejection or player who receives multiple fouls during a tournament, may result in a lifetime ban from the NCL, their tournaments, and their social parties. In addition to the outlines provided by this website, players must follow the rules established by the location, location staff, and/or NCL staff member.

– Tournament may have “Sponsored Entries” in the Tournament. These entries were provided by NCL as part of tournament sponsorship or at the discretion of the NCL and its Location Managers. Memberships must be purchased before start of the tournament to receive points for that tournament. Points cannot be awarded for previous tournament entries.


– When can I purchase a NCL Annual Membership?
You can purchase a membership up until the start of the tournament and still receive points for that tournament. We will not add any points for previous tournament entries or wins. You start to calculate points and a national ranking as soon as you sign up to become a member.

– Do I get points for previous tournaments played?
No. You must purchase a Membership before the start of the tournament to receive points for that tournament, and future tournaments. Points cannot be awarded for previous tournament entries

– Can I purchase a membership or tournament entry at the tournament?
Yes, IF there is still space in the tournament. The only way to reserve your space is buy purchasing tournament entries in advance.

– What happens if I sign up without a teammate?
We will work hard to place you with another participant that has also signed up as an individual. Send us an email with your full name, phone number, tournament date, and name. We will try to find someone for you up until the start of the tournament, so still show up!

– Do you have to be 21 or over to participate?
Most of our tournaments are 21+, unfortunately. Unless otherwise noted

– How are the points awarded?

Experienced Tournament:
– 5 Pts. per Tournament Entry
– 7 Pts. per Win in Experienced Tournament
– Points for Top 8 finish
Champions = 1 point for every team in tournament
2nd-4th place = 1/2 point for every team in tournament
5th-8th place = 1/4 point for every team in tournament

Amateur Tournament:
– 5 Pts. per Tournament Entry
– 1 Pt. per Win in Amateur Tournament

– If I’m the only member on the team and we win the tournament do I get the entire payout?
No. You still receive half of the payout, the other half will not be awarded since your teammate is not a member.

– What happens if I cannot make a tournament entry that I purchased?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds. We play rain or shine. We take pride in braving the elements to have a great time, you should too!

– How many are on a Team?
Teams consist of (2) people; (2) Males, (2) Females or Co-ed. No more, no less.

– Am I allowed to drink alcohol while I play?
Each location/host will decide if alcohol can be consumed outside or not. If it is allowed, it will be confined to a sectioned off area and you may need to provide identification to enter. Each city, state can have different laws regarding alcohol consumption; we will try to relay as much information as possible prior to the event regarding the event details.

– Can I exchange my T-shirt size?
Unfortunately, No. We do not offer refunds or exchanges.

– Are kids allowed to watch?
Yes! Kids are allowed to watch, some venues are extremely kid friendly and offer activities for the children. Please look up the host’s information on the internet prior to bringing your children to make sure. There will be music playing, but we try to keep it PG-13. Please understand that some things we cannot control, if you are at all hesitant about the “adult atmosphere” during our tournaments, I would suggest that the kids stay at home.

– What if my teammate cannot participate at the last minute?
Find a replacement or notify us that you are looking for a teammate. If you find one, please let us know when you check-in or via email before the tournament. We want to stay organized and make sure that the proper points are being awarded to each member.

– What happens if I am asked to leave?
The NCL staff has a right to remove anyone from the tournament if they deem it is necessary. Furthermore, if our host has asked you to leave the premises, you must do so. We have zero tolerance for disrespectful people.

– How long are tournaments?
Our tournaments usually run 2-5 hours from start to finish. It depends on the pace of play, and how many teams are entered into the tournament. If darkness were to become a factor we would have to resume the tournament on a date chosen by the NCL staff and the host location.

– What are “Paid Entries” in comparison to “Sponsored Entries”
Paid Entries are those purchased to enter the tournament and potentially eligible for the prize payouts. Sponsored Entries have been provided to selected individuals at the discretion of the NCL and its Location Managers. Sponsored Entries are not eligible for prize payout unless they are a member of the NCL.

– I just won the tournament, when can I expect to receive my payout?
Congratulations! We take a couple of days to process and review the tournament results before issuing a check. We estimate 3-5 business days to send out payment.

Questions? Feel free to email us at